It is Never Too Late to Get Fit

Getting fit and healthy is not just for the twenty-somethings. It’s never too late, circumstances never too bad, and we’re never too old to become our best healthy self. Our minds can play negative tricks on us. We often believe our goals are unattainable. That simply isn’t the truth. We need to change the thoughts about our life and body to begin the process of kicking out the mental clutter.

Beginning each day with a positive focus is essential. It will be a daily choice not to continue unhealthy patterns, believe past doubts and fears, or give in to self sabotage. This will be a time of inner strength development and purging all the crap that held you down for so long. It will be an emptying of the old self into the trash and an awakening of the new stronger you ready to make things happen.

Each day is a new opportunity to change. We possess the awesome ability to make decisions bringing us closer to our fitness goals. It’s important to remain realistic and I recommend small changes to start. Examples of realistic goals would be losing 8 pounds in a month or registering to walk your first 5K.

Also helpful for fitness accountability is keeping a food journal. You will be able to honestly track your food intake and make appropriate changes to start eating healthier.

Use your journal to plan an exercise time on your calendar. You will not always feel like working out, but it will be important not to cancel on yourself. You are worthy of good health and a great life. The simple steps of eating right, exercising 3 to 4 times per week, maintaining a food journal, and keeping a positive attitude will provide the results you want.

This is not a quick fix so mentally prepare for a lifestyle change. The time will pass anyway so you might as well be working on health improvement. Fitness is also not about perfection but progress as we strive each day to be healthy.

Self pity will not be your friend nor an excuse to throw in the towel. There will be days when it feels really hard and you may even want to give up. Hold onto knowing you are stronger than any negative thoughts.

Getting fit is earned not given. Believing this goal can happen at any age or circumstance is half the battle. You’re now armed with the motivation to do what it takes to achieve your goals.

Helpful Tips:

  • Eat a wide variety of healthy foods that include lean proteins, good carbohydrates and healthy fats.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Get to bed at a decent hour and try for 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  • Exercise 3-4 times per week to start and progress as you get stronger.
  • Include weight resistance training 1-2 times per week to start.
  • Keep a food journal for accountability … be honest with yourself.
  • Dump the junk food and replace with healthy food options.
  • Pay attention to portion sizes and read food labels.
  • Eat several small meals per day and do not allow yourself to feel hungry.
  • Weigh in only one time per week, pay attention to how your clothes are fitting, and how you look naked. 
  • Make time for prayer and positive self talk to keep up the motivation.
  • Set realistic small goals to start like losing 10lbs or signing up to walk your first 5K. 
  • Hire a qualified personal trainer for guidance and motivation if going it alone feels too overwhelming.

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